Welcome on the site of the Data Innovation for Health community in the context of the European Data Innovation Hub.

Main purpose is to bring bright ideas, multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills together for paving the way to pragmatic and innovative use of big data techniques in healthcare. Be convinced that we are only at the beginning of a journey leading us through use of technology in domains that we are only starting to discover.

To accomplish this objective some events, trainings, hackatons, collaboration projects, presentations, publications a.o. will be organized putting your idea’s together with other enthousiast people. Ultimate goal is to foster and help idea’s growing mature and become success-full start-ups using big data in health.

This site will try to provide information and and focus around big data for health while bringing together like minds.

Enjoy and lets make it work together.

Alain Grijseels

linked sites : http://www.datainnovationhub.eu    http://di4energy.eu